In its activity, the group has the following objectives:

1. To contribute to the advancement of the behavioral sciences in Colombia and Latin-America.

2. To promote the experimental methodology in psychology and behavioral sciences.

3. To train human resources in advanced research in scientific psychology.



The challenges of the Behavioral Sciences Research Group are:

1. To achieve research of disciplinary relevance, great methodological rigor, and impact at a national and international level.

2. To achieve giving effective responses to the problems of the professional practice of this psychological specialization in the country.

3. To create spaces for the production of knowledge and, at the same time, the training of young researchers.



The Behavioral Sciences Research Group projects itself to become during the next 10 years a research group that makes effective contributions to the consolidation of psychological science with its developments in basic research, and the profession of psychologist in the country with its developments in applied research.

Objectives, challenges and vision of the Group


Endorsed by:

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Lines of research and interests


1.- Historical, conceptual and methodological aspects of the behavioral sciences.

Objetive of the line: Research on issues related to the development of psychology, research methods and relationship with other disciplines in the field of natural and behavioral sciences. It includes topics such as the history of psychological discipline, related areas, archival research, representative figures, social and cultural context, critical history, origins, current status and perspectives of each of the fields of psychology. Various methods, case, correlational, experimental, archive and life studies are used, among others. Achivements of the line: Undergraduate and master' thesis and doctoral dissertations. Publications in Colombian and International journals, chapters of books, presentations in national and international academic events. Effects of the line: It seeks to provide identity to psychology, generate research spaces, socialize knowledge between professionals and the public in general. Provide a context for scientific research, methodology and relevance of knowledge.


2.- Applied research in behavioral sciences​​​​​​​.

Objetive of the line: The fundamental purpose in this area is to link the developments of Psychology as a scientific discipline to Psychology as a field of application and professional practice, maintaining the rigor and the systematicity of basic research and, at the same time, contributing to the achievement of the greatest human ideals such as the promotion of well-being and coexistence. Achivements of the line: Generation of academic products (such as publications, continuing education courses, academic events, thesis at the different levels of higher education), consulting and technology that contribute to the advancement in the basic and applied fields of this behavioral science. Effects of the line: To provide those interested in the applications of psychology and, in general, those who works to promote the most admirable individual and collective qualities or, if not, reduce the problems that currently afflict us with a body of notions and informed practices , socially responsible and evidence based programs that facilitate the achievement of the goals we propose as a society.


3.- Basic research in behavioral sciences.

Objetive of the line: To contribute theoretically and empirically to the knowledge about psychological processes and behavior, in humans and other species. This includes the topics learning, memory, language and thinking as psychological processes and modes of behavior, and social psychology. Research activities are carried out from various perspectives within the behavioral sciences, such as behaviorism, cognitive and neurocognitive sciences, experimental social psychology, and evolutionary theory. Empirical work is performed using observational, behavioral, and neurophysiological methods. Achivements of the line: Publication of articles in national and international journals, chapters, books, informative articles about the behavioral sciences. Participation in research networks. Presentations at national and international academic events. Undergraduate and MA theses. Effects of the line: Generating a space for basic research in behavioral sciences at an internationally competitive level, in Colombia and in international networks. Training in the respective topics. Dissemination of knowledge among experts and in the general population.